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Whether this is your first mediumship reading or you've had many before, reviewing the following Mediumship Session Preparation Do's and Don'ts will highlight the most important considerations to get ready for your session.

Mediumship Session Preparation

When scheduling your session, consider selecting a day and time when your schedule is free approximately 30 minutes before and after your session, if possible. This allows time for clearing your mind, setting intentions, and relaxation prior to your session to optimize your energy as well as provides an opportunity to process the experience once it concludes.

Choose a Time for Your Reading Carefully

Intentions are like magnets that attract our aspirations to us and are a critical component of psychic work. An expectation, on the other hand, is a hope that something specific will happen. Expectations promote attachment to an end result and can breed contentment if the anticipated desire isn't attained. Setting intentions is more productive because they don't evoke anxiety and instead emphasize the energetic consequence of your desire allowing you to be intuitively guided towards your aspiration or something even better. 

  • Your wording of an intention and expectation can be identical, however, it's your motives that determine whether it acts as an intention or expectation.

  • Once you're clear on your motives, setting an intention is as simple as thinking the intention to yourself in your head or saying it out loud. That's it!

Set Intentions, Not Expectations

Your receptivity is key! Be open to receiving guidance, messages, and any other information presented. Release expectations and attachments to specific outcomes as these can negatively affect your experience. Appreciate the encounter for what it is by cherishing the insights you receive.

Maintain an Open Heart & Mind

Take time to relax, meditate, or center yourself just before your scheduled session, as your energy is a vital component of the reading. Do your best to release any stressors in order to achieve a positive mental state to ensure your energy contributes to the alignment of the session with your intentions.

Clear Your Mind Prior to Your Session

Yes or no questions don't offer the breadth of understanding that open-ended questions provide. Probe for meaningful answers by posing open-ended questions that start with words like why, how, and what.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

To ensure you receive answers to your most important questions, be sure to ask them in the order of their importance to you.

Prioritize Your Questions

In order to get the most out of your session, it's important to ensure you have a record of it. Capturing an audio recording of your session is an excellent choice so you can focus solely on being fully present and engaged in your reading. If this isn't possible, taking notes is strongly encouraged. Be prepared with an audio recording device or pen and paper to preserve the key takeaways from your session.

Recordings are strictly for your personal use only and are not to be distributed or shared publicly, online, or in any other forum/format without LaLa's prior written approval. 

Video recordings are strictly prohibited.

Audio Record Your Session

At the time of your session, please ensure you're in a quiet environment free from distractions and anything or anyone that could disrupt your attention. Check that your phone or laptop (or other device with Zoom access) is fully charged and functioning properly (including cellular signal or wi-fi connection).

Plan Ahead for Virtual Meetings

All readings are kept confidential to maintain the integrity and sanctity of your experience.

Expect Confidentiality

Have fun! Every session is divinely orchestrated to support you no matter where you are on your path, so trust that it will be exactly what you need at just the right time.



Please do your best to resist the temptation to share any specific details about you or the spirit communicator to allow me the opportunity to bring these details through from spirit. I work best when I have no prior knowledge about you or your loved ones in spirit.

Provide Information

It's not unusual to feel nervous, worried, or tense before a session, so be sure to breathe through this to allow yourself to release any anxieties. You have nothing to be afraid of. If you experience anything unpleasant at any time during your session, please let me know and I'll address it promptly with care.

Be Nervous or Afraid

Your session is a safe space where you should feel comfortable accessing all aspects of yourself. If emotions present themselves to be expressed, please don't suppress them to save face as this interferes with the healing process.

Hold Back

If something doesn't quite make sense or you're unsure about anything, please inquire for more clarity. Information that is misunderstood is a missed opportunity.


It's imperative you participate in your reading with a clear, unaltered state of mind to ensure the best results. Alcohol and other legal and illegal substances can severely affect your energy which is fundamental to your session.

Participate Under the Influence

It's never my intent to make life decisions for my clients. I desire to provide guidance and advice from spirit to assist clients in making the best decisions for themselves. You are the authority on your life and must live with the consequences of your decisions. As such, please recognize spirit's insight as an input to be used alongside your own intuition and best judgement when making life choices.

Expect Decisions to Be Made For You

Expecting me to 'read your mind' or otherwise 'perform' in accordance with your requirements is neither productive nor respectful. Please make the most of our time together by being receptive and considerate.

Test the Psychic


Session Prep

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