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I've often wondered what my life would be like if I hadn't hit rock bottom and been forced to reevaluate everything I believed. Like so many people, there was a time when I was stressed beyond belief, unhappy in my life, and desperate for a change. In addition, I was diagnosed with multiple mental health disorders, tried everything Western medicine prescribed (prescription and otherwise), and had grown hopeless I would ever find peace. But I did and you can too! My journey was so profound that if I had to do it all over again, I'd choose the same road paved with the most traumatic experiences of my life just to get back to where I am today…complete, fulfilled, at peace, and more alive than I once thought possible.


I watched my life spiral in a downward trajectory until I became overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and despair after the deaths of my dear mentor and grandmother. It all turned around when at my lowest point, out of desperation, I finally acknowledged the voice welling up inside that declared I could heal myself and decided to believe it. From this point on, I was intuitively guided down a path of self-discovery and healing that continues to this day. As for me, healing is a journey and not a destination. I utilized countless tools and principles throughout my transformation process, but the most instrumental include cultivating mindfulness, learning to love myself authentically, and developing my intuition through lots and lots of meditation.


Thanks to my healing journey and subsequent transformation, I'm incredibly blessed to enjoy an intimate relationship with the spirit realm and share my spiritual gifts with those open to a spiritual path. This passion stems from my own struggle to find peace and fulfillment in life. There was a time when I had everything I was led to believe would make me happy–a six-figure job, foreign car, luxury home, lots of friends–and yet, I was still miserable. Nothing could have prepared me for the moment this would all come crashing down, but it did, and it had to.


Now I follow my bliss like the yellow brick road and have uncovered many passions I didn't even know I loved. I'm a… 

  • Evidence-Based Medium, 

  • Certified Radiance Sutras® Meditation Teacher,

  • Certified Yoga Alliance RYT 200-hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher, 

  • Reiki Master, 

  • Sewist (sewing artist), and

  • Most importantly, an eternal student always eager to learn more along my never ending quest to align with higher vibrational frequencies. 


I'm incredibly humbled and grateful for the transmutation of my greatest hardships into my most profound contributions through my work as an evidence-based medium and meditation teacher. It's my sincere desire to serve as inspiration for healing as well as evidence that anything's possible through faith and perseverance. If you need guidance or support navigating life's challenges, would like to reconnect with a crossed over loved one in spirit, or simply have more questions than answers, my one-on-one mediumship sessions are designed to promote healing and encourage positive change. Click the link below to schedule a one-on-one session with me. Sending you infinite love and light! All best!

LaLa LaNoir

From Corporate Exec to Evidence-Based Medium and Meditation Teacher

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