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Intuitive Coaching

Life Guidance

The terms psychic and intuitive are commonly used interchangeably and refer to anyone gifted in the ability to read or interpret energy. And since everything is energy, the true nature of our reality is energetic. So the same way we use our physical senses to perceive information about the physical world, psychics use psychic senses (also called clairsenses) to tune into the energy of people, places, and experiences. The more sensitive someone becomes to energy, the easier it is for them to tap into the wellspring of divine wisdom that is energetically embedded throughout the framework of our reality.

What is a Psychic or Intuitive?

My intuitive coaching sessions are a collaborative consultation designed to empower you with the insights, guidance, and support to achieve your aspirations in life by embodying your best self. In addition to receiving revelations about probable future outcomes, you can also expect actionable strategies to steer your current course toward your desired life path. 


We'll work together to determine your specific goals and channel insights from your higher self and other divine sources to identify a personalized approach to help you achieve them. Not only will you receive clarity on your areas of interest, but you'll gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities for healing, self-discovery, and spiritual exploration that are often necessary to transform habitual patterns into positive change.


Whether you're seeking clarity on relationships, career, personal development, or any other life pursuit, intuitive coaching sessions are designed to empower you to make informed decisions that are in alignment with your highest and best interests.

What is an Intuitive Coaching Session?

As an intuitive spiritual coach, I channel divine insights for those seeking clarity, support, or guidance to effectively navigate their life course. To reinforce this objective, I always set intentions for every session to amplify the intended outcome.


My intention for intuitive coaching sessions is always to connect with my client's higher self and spirit team to deliver insights in the highest and best interest of my client and all other parties involved.

My Intention

What to Expect

It's my intent to hold a safe space for my clients to feel seen and heard, and I always follow my intuition when guiding a session to ensure I'm prepared to listen when needed. Still, it's important to keep in mind what you desire to get out of your session since each one is limited to a specific time duration. So if receiving guidance or advice is essential, you'll want to take time to listen. Please keep these trade-offs in mind as you decide how to engage during your session.

Take Time to Listen

As humans, we all have free will and it's my belief that very few life experiences are predestined. As a result, when I receive information about your future, it's typically information regarding the most likely outcomes that will occur if all else in your life remains on the current trajectory. In other words, your future is largely dependent on the decisions you make and the subsequent actions you take today.

Expect Probabilities, Not Predictions

The purpose of an intuitive coaching session is generally to…

  1. gain clarity on where you currently are related to a specific aspect of your life,

  2. receive insight on where that aspect of your life is heading, and

  3. acquire guidance on ways to alter this likely trajectory should you desire to do so.


It's up to you whether or not you take the recommended actions to course correct based on the assessment provided in your intuitive coaching session. Awareness alone is not enough to influence the probabilities of future events. You must utilize your session insights, coupled with your own intuition and best judgement, to make actionable decisions that will propel you towards your desired outcomes.

In Order to Course Correct, You Must Act

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