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Client Results

I recently had a reading by LaLa LaNoir and have had many readings before, but the kindness and compassion LaLa has for her clients is felt right away. LaLa brought through both of my maternal grandparents and took me back to some of my best days as a kid. She reminded me of how wonderful it was to be in my grandparent’s home with all of my family and cousins. She painted a picture of tables filled with my grandma’s cooking and the place where my grandpa retreated to.

The message she was able to deliver from my grandpa touched my heart and reminded me that we do not have to speak the same language to say I love you. I am so happy that my grandparents are watching over me and guiding me along my journey. I look forward to seeing how far LaLa goes on her own journey of helping people connect with their loved ones and find healing. Thank you LaLa for filling my heart with love and joy!

E. Gona, PA

I had a reading with LaLa LaNoir and was thrilled with what she was able to receive from my loved ones.

Not only was she accurate, she was empathetic and genuine. Her heart was in the reading and she took her time to ensure she was getting the correct information.

I so enjoyed my time with LaLa LaNoir and would absolutely refer her to friends and family.

J. Garcia, Pittsburgh, PA

I just had my second session with LaLa LaNoir and am blown away by her gift. I've had several mediumship sessions in the past and can honestly say she far exceeded them all. LaLa LaNoir's passion, sincerity, and compassion are evident, and her energy is comforting and uplifting.

I was 110% convinced she was communicating with my brother when she provided specific details about his favorite way to tease me that she couldn’t possibly have known. She also described his personality, demeanor, and protective nature perfectly.

Her ability to connect with spirit is so undeniable that I've even recommended her to family members skeptical about mediumship because I know if anyone can make them believers, she can. I would highly recommend having a reading with LaLa LaNoir! She will make your whole heart smile! The peace I have knowing my brother and grandmother are doing well and are aware of what's going on in my life is beyond words.

R. Johnson, Cincinnati, OH

I had an opportunity to work with LaLa LaNoir, and I would say it was a very unique experience. LaLa LaNoir is very patient and has a very pleasing personality. She made me at ease and connected to 2 of my loved ones. The 1st one was my graduate teacher who came in for the 1st time and I felt so positive and motivated by the messages I received.

The 2nd one was my beloved husband that came in with so much evidence including physical description as well as his personality. The messages through LaNoir gave me so much healing, comfort and assurance that our loved ones are always around us and know everything that happens in our life. I wish LaLa LaNoir all the very best in her mediumship!

I would highly recommend her and would love to get another reading in the future! God Bless!

T. Raj, India

I recently received a reading from LaLa LaNoir and it was such a healing experience for me. LaLa was able to communicate with my grandfather on the other side and it was a very special moment. She was spot on with the details in his life, special memories my grandpa and I shared, and she passed along some beautiful messages. 

LaLa LaNoir has a calm and loving way about her. There is no doubt she can prove our loved ones are still with us after they have passed. Thank you, LaLa LaNoir!

M. May, Santa Fe, New Mexico

My mediumship session with LaLa LaNoir was simply amazing! She connected with the individuals I really wanted to come through while conveying the information succinctly. Her details were impeccable, her clairvoyance was spot on, and her professionalism was first-class. It's so reassuring to know that my loved ones who have passed are right here with me, in tune with what's going on in my life and not in some distant place as I once thought.

I could not have asked for a better session. The whole experience was wonderful! Based on her character and my experience as a satisfied client, I would highly recommend having a session with LaLa LaNoir.

T. Liggins, Columbus, OH

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