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A medium is someone who is gifted in the ability to tune into the spirit world and clear their mind of thoughts. The same way we use physical senses to perceive information about the physical world, I utilize psychic senses (also called clair senses) to perceive information about the spirit world. This attunement is facilitated by my sensitivity to the elevated vibrations of the spirit world. Once a medium's mind is blank, those in spirit can more easily impress the medium's mind with their own thoughts, feelings, experiences, and other information.


A medium is simply an instrument through which spirit communication flows. And mediumship is the process of facilitating communication with the spirit world. When it comes to the mechanics of mediumship, my main objectives are to: 

  • raise my vibration to attune to the elevated vibrations of spirit, 

  • clear my mind to establish and maintain a link with your crossed-over loved ones, and

  • relay the information I receive without interpretation.

What is a Medium & Mediumship

Evidential mediumship is a style of mediumship that emphasizes the medium's ability to convey unique, specific, and verifiable evidence to the sitter about the spirit communicator that the medium would have no way of knowing. This evidence serves as validation that the medium is indeed communicating with the crossed-over loved one in spirit they've identified.


Evidence about the person in spirit can include: their relationship to you, gender, what they looked like, how old they were when they passed, how they passed, a description of their personality, where they lived or grew up, fond memories you shared, what they were known for, marital status, career and so much more.


The purpose of evidential mediumship is to provide specific evidence that our consciousness survives physical death.

What is Evidential Mediumship

While intention can be used as an effective method for summoning specific loved ones in spirit, it's ultimately up to the spirit world to determine who comes through. Setting an intention for who you want to connect with is as simple as thinking to yourself in your mind or saying out loud, "I want to connect with (Insert desired crossed over loved one's name) in my mediumship session with LaLa LaNoir." I have no control over who comes through, nor what information they choose to share. 


The spirit communicators I connect with can be relatives, friends, guides, or even someone in spirit who knew someone connected to you and wishes to have a message passed on to them. You will always have the authority to decide if you want to pursue the connection with a spirit communicator at any time during your session.

Spirit Decides Who Comes Through

The messages I deliver in my mediumship are not for me (they're for you!) and as a result, it's possible I may not understand them at all. I do my best not to interpret what I’m getting, but this can happen naturally as my brain tries to make sense of the information. Consequently, there is the possibility that a message may be misinterpreted.


To ensure that I'm accurately interpreting messages from your crossed-over loved ones, I'll regularly check in with you to ensure that what I've shared makes sense. In response to these inquiries, I ask that you simply answer with, "Yes, No, I don't know, I can understand that" or some variation of these responses to let me know if the information presented resonates. Please do your best to reframe from sharing any specific details about you or the spirit communicator to allow me the opportunity to bring these details through directly from your loved ones in spirit.

Consistent Check-Ins

To determine if a mediumship reading is right for you, you must first consider what you desire to gain from your session.

If your goal is to connect with a crossed-over loved one in spirit and you feel you're ready to make this contact, then a mediumship reading is appropriate. 

However, if you desire to gain insight or clarity on specific aspects of your life unrelated to a loved one who has passed, then a psychic reading would be more suitable.

A mediumship reading can be an effective healing tool to bring comfort and closure to those grieving.

As an evidential medium, I facilitate connection and communication between the physical realm and the world of spirit to promote healing, resolution, and peace of mind for those grieving or otherwise affected by the loss of a loved one.


My intention is to deliver information from your crossed-over loved ones that is in your highest and best interest, including messages that are healing, loving, beneficial, and uniquely evidentiary. I desire to instill within you the confidence that your loved ones are still very much with you offering their love and support despite their physical absence.

My Intention

Is a Mediumship Reading right for me?

What to Expect

Mediumship 101

Spirit Communication

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