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In the simplest terms, a psychic or intuitive is someone gifted in the ability to read energy -- the terms psychic and intuitive are commonly used interchangeably. The same way we use physical senses to perceive information about the physical world, I utilize psychic senses (also called clair senses) to tune into the energy of people, places, and experiences. The more sensitive you become to energy, the deeper your intuitive or psychic connection becomes, allowing you to more easily tune into the very subtle nature of psychic information that is imperceptible through the physical senses. 

What is a Psychic or Intuitive

In order to determine if a psychic or intuitive coaching session is right for you, it's important to first consider your goal. 

If you're seeking guidance regarding specific aspects of your life like career, relationships, finances, etc. then a psychic reading is appropriate. 

If you're seeking a broader evaluation of your life direction, spiritual path, or an approach to realize your greatest potential, then an intuitive coaching session is most appropriate.


If you're most interested in predictions about future events, then neither service is suitable and I encourage you to find a practitioner who specializes in precognition.

The purpose of my psychic and intuitive sessions is to provide divine guidance to those seeking insight, validation, or a roadmap to achieve their desired results in life. To reinforce this objective, I always set intentions for every session to amplify the intended outcome. My intention for psychic and intuitive sessions is to connect with the energy of my client's higher self and spirit team to deliver insights in the highest and best interest of my client and all other parties involved.

My Intention

Take Time to Listen

While I know it may be difficult at times, I encourage you to avoid providing me with any details regarding your life, especially the aspects you're inquiring about. My intuitive gifts work best when I have no prior knowledge about my client. That said, it's my intent to hold a space of healing for my clients and sometimes this means allowing them to speak their truth so they feel heard and understood. I always follow my intuition when guiding a session and am prepared to listen when needed. Still, it's important to keep in mind what you desire to get out of your session as each is limited to a specified time duration, so if receiving guidance or advice is important, you'll want to take time to listen. Please keep these trade-offs and your session intentions in mind as you decide how to engage in your session.

Expect Possibilities, Not Predictions

As humans, we all have free will and it's my belief that very few life experiences are predestined. As a result, when I receive information about the future, it's typically information regarding the most likely outcomes that will occur if all else in your life remains on your current trajectory. In other words, your future is largely dependent on your current choices and the actions you take as a result. I'm not a fortune teller and my readings are not focused on predicting the future. My psychic and intuitive sessions are designed to empower you to achieve your desired outcomes by equipping you with an understanding of the predominant energies at play as well as those you're likely to encounter to keep you on track towards your goals.

In Order to Course Correct, You Must Act

The purpose of a psychic reading is generally to gain clarity on where you currently are related to specific aspects of your life, receive insight on where that aspect of your life is heading, and acquire guidance on ways to alter this likely trajectory should you desire to do so. It's up to you whether or not you take the recommended actions to course correct based on the assessment provided. Awareness alone is not enough to influence the probabilities of future events. You must utilize the reading insights alongside your own intuition and best judgement in making decisions on how to proceed towards your desired outcomes.

A psychic reading is a consultation where I discern information about a my client in response to a specific query or request. During a psychic reading, I tune into your energy field (or aura) to answer questions and bring clarity to life situations with little to no information from you (except your specific questions). Many psychics utilize divination in their psychic readings to stimulate their intuition. Examples of divination systems include tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls, palm reading, and numerology. In my psychic readings, I use Psy Cards, although not in the method they are intended. When I work with Psy Cards, I don't associate meanings to the cards and instead use them to activate my intuition which I rely on for the meaning of each card selected. The intuitive information I receive doesn't come from the cards. Instead, the cards act as points of focus to allow me to more easily tune into the energy of the situation or question you've inquired about.

What is a Psychic Reading

An intuitive coaching session is much like a psychic reading except you won't be responsible for providing specific questions for your inquiry. Instead, this session is focused on identifying opportunities for you to more fully embody the best version of yourself. Many times the insights received during this session will highlight the behaviors, choices, and attitudes supporting or opposing alignment with your highest aspect (or higher self). You can think of this session as a 'Soul Reading' where I'll connect with your higher self and spirit team to deliver insights to facilitate your evolution or personal development.

What is an Intuitive Coaching Session

The mechanics of a psychic reading and an intuitive coaching session are exactly the same, meaning the approach I use to garner the psychic information presented is identical. The main difference is your motivation for the session and consequently what you can expect to gain from it. 

  • The motivation to have a psychic reading is typically to receive answers, advice, or guidance to specific questions

  • The motivation for an intuitive coaching session is to receive actionable steps to align with your best self.  

What is the difference between a Psychic reading and an Intuitive Coaching Session

Is a Psychic or Intuitive Session right for me

What to Expect

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