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 LaLa LaNoir

Evidence-Based Psychic Medium

The Spirit World Is Closer Than You Think

 - LaLa LaNoir

"May you follow your heart towards your soul's purpose and the light towards your illuminated path."

What's in it for me?

Stencil of angel wings with halo

Divine Guidance

You are divinely supported.

Allow me to connect you to

the infinite flow of divine

wisdom all around you. 

Stencil of lotus flower


Healing starts with intention.

 Receive insights that activate

healing to unlock your

highest potentials.

Stencil of dove


Life is eternal.  Be inspired by

 the realization that there's so

 much more to life than

 meets the eye.

Stencil of meditator in meditation pose with a heart torso

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is your natural

state.  Identify opportunities

to realize peace so you can

realign with your true nature.

Meet LaLa LaNoir

LaLa LaNoir in meditation with her eyes closed

Hi! I'm LaLa LaNoir, an evidence-based medium and meditation teacher with immense gratitude for the spirit realm and its unconditional love and support of our physical world. I followed my heart from the stresses of corporate America to the peace and fulfillment of the healing arts and am honored to serve as a translator for spirit as well as guide others into deeper communion with themselves through meditation. My life's work is to provide seekers like you with the insights to heal, transform, and co-create their best lives. 
By providing specific evidence about your loved ones in spirit, I'm able to validate the continuation of life after death to prove that your loved ones in spirit are still very much a part of your life despite their physical absence.

What sets me apart is my intention to be a catalyst for healing, which stems from my own healing journey after experiencing a mental health crisis. I'm passionate about healing and believe that in order to live your best life, you must first seek to embody your best self, which is often accomplished through healing. My calling is to ignite the flames of healing within those ready to embark on their healing journey.

Life is Eternal...

Healing is optional


Losing a Dear Loved One Can Be Traumatic and Overwhelming

I know firsthand the pain and devastation caused by grief. When I learned that my dear friend and mentor of over 10 years passed away suddenly, I instantaneously developed a chronic motor tic in my left shoulder that persisted for over 5 years and still occurs occasionally to this day. This tic was a trauma response, initially happened only when I thought about my mentor, and served as a constant reminder of my inconsolable guilt and grief. 


Many times, grief is magnified by a belief in the finality of death–this idea that there's nothing beyond someone's last breath. To address this misconception, my mediumship strives to validate, with evidence, that our loved ones who've crossed over still exist energetically. This realization has revolutionized my understanding of death and my relationship with grief.


Allow me to be the bridge between you and your crossed-over loved ones in spirit to promote healing and peace of mind. Gain confidence that your loved ones in spirit are still very much with you despite their physical absence.

Choose healing!

Recognizing the Continuation of Life After Death Can Be Liberating, Healing, and Transformative

Let's do this together

See what clients are saying...

Photo of T. Liggins

My mediumship session with LaLa LaNoir was simply amazing! She connected with the individuals I really wanted to come through while conveying the information succinctly. Her details were impeccable, her clairvoyance was spot on, and her professionalism was first-class. It's so reassuring to know that my loved ones who have passed are right here with me, in tune with what's going on in my life and not in some distant place as I once thought.


I could not have asked for a better session. The whole experience was wonderful! Based on her character and my experience as a satisfied client, I would highly recommend having a session with LaLa LaNoir.

T. Liggins, Columbus, OH

Photo of M. May

I recently received a reading from LaLa LaNoir and it was such a healing experience for me. LaLa was able to communicate with my grandfather on the other side and it was a very special moment. She was spot on with the details in his life, special memories my grandpa and I shared, and she passed along some beautiful messages.


LaLa LaNoir has a calm and loving way about her. There is no doubt she can prove our loved ones are still with us after they have passed. Thank you, LaLa LaNoir!

M. May, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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